3 Seasons to 4: Adding Leggings to Your Winter Wardrobe

3 Seasons to 4: Adding Leggings to Your Winter Wardrobe

You love your leggings. It’s totally understandable! They’re stretchy, they’re soft, they’re perfect for wearing around the house or out on errands, they’re very forgiving if you snack a little too hard (hey, life’s stressful lately, right?), and they’re pretty too. They feel like your wardrobe’s best friend because they’re so versatile. 

But there’s just one tiny little problem…

You’re freezing! Brrrrr.

Stretchy, Soft, and...Shivering?

While those leggings worked fine in autumn tucked into a pair of boots or worn under a favorite tunic, the temperatures have dropped more than a little and now it feels like goosebumps are a way of life. It’s that awful kind of cold that makes your legs and feet feel numb. You know, that feeling that you want to rush back inside as soon as possible, even if you’re having fun doing something outdoors. If you shiver at the thought of stepping out of the house in leggings and feeling that icy-cold wind right through the fabric, you’re not alone. More than one style-loving woman has sighed as she folded up her beloved leggings for off-season storage and resigned herself to denim.

But do you really need to stick to jeans until spring peeks out from the calendar? Good news: now you don’t have to.

winter leggings

Wonderful Winter Warmth

New legging designs have taken these oh-so-popular bottoms options from a 3-season accessory into one that can be rocked all year long. So what’s the secret?

Your body produces heat naturally, and insulating layers like clothes keep that heat “trapped” against the skin. That means that your body doesn’t have to work as hard producing more heat. The colder it gets, the more layers you put on, the less your body has to work to keep itself at a comfortable 98.6 degrees - it’s the science behind our winter wardrobes. The problem with pieces like leggings is that they are typically only a single layer of thin fabric, and usually one that “flexes” open when your body moves - that’s a lot of opportunities for heat to escape and cold to sneak in. Not cute!

The trick to beating that lies in, much like winter outfits, layering. But layering leggings, even over one another, leads to a bunchy, lumpy, and uncomfortable fit - so that’s a no-go. The layering needs to be built into the leggings in order to give you that sleek, smooth effect that makes them so popular - that’s why fleece-lined leggings like Cozie’s are this season’s hottest fashion tip!

Cozie's Fleece-lined Leggings

The inner lining fleece, made from cruelty-free polyester fibers, forms a barrier that keeps out cold even when the outer fabric is flexed (when you bend down or squat, for example). The outside of the leggings are still the same beautiful, sleek look you love - the fleece lining is your little cold-banishing style secret. So the next time you’re heading out with friends that are dealing with denim or shivering their way through their day in regular leggings, let them in on your secret - fleece-lined leggings - so you can all be “cozie” together!

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