Meet the Founders

Welcome to the world of the Cozie's. We're excited that you are here to join our mission of wearing the world's comfiest hug for your legs, Cozie's.

Cozie's is the brainchild of Mia & Emma, two best friends from Toronto Canada who share a passion for clothing. They always found it difficult to be both warm and stylish, and could never find a pair of leggings that kept them warm enough. 

Cozie's was started, like most entrepreneurial journeys in Emma's basement. She and Mia would stay up late working on creating samples using whatever materials they had available to them. They knew they were onto something when Emma remembered how her pair of Uggs™ were perfect footwear for every occasion and they were super comfortable and wondered if they could create that same experience for leggings. 

That's when Cozie's was created. It's like a pair of Uggs™ were stretched and made fit your whole leg.

Join the Cozie's family today, we can't wait for you to try them.